Automatic intensive driving courses in Leeds

intensive courses

Pass fast, pass safe with one of our intensive automatic driving courses in Leeds. We offer tailored fast pass courses at automatic car automatic driving school. Intensive courses are a popular option and our Leeds based driving instructors are experts in delivering planned effective courses.

Here, a course of automatic intensive driving lessons lasts on average for around 1 week to 4 weeks. We have various packages available. How long your intensive lessons will last for will mainly depend on your current driving standard and test availability in Leeds.

How an automatic car intensive course works

  1. We’ll give you a 2 hour assessment to see how you drive.
  2. We’ll help you to choose the right driving course based on your abilities.
  3. Your instructor and you will agree a pass date.
  4. You’ll schedule structured intensive lessons for passing the test.

Our instructors offer tailored intensive automatic driving lessons and they’ll give you great advice on choosing a fast pass driving course. A assessment lessons help them to see what you can do, then they are able to plan your lessons.

intensive driving lessons – requirements

  • You’ll normally need to have passed the driving theory test.
  • Learners should have at least had some driving lessons before and have some basic car control skills.

All tuition is provided on a one-to-one basis with no car sharing. We offer FREE pick up for automatic driving courses around the areas of Leeds in West Yorkshire.

The Fast Pass Courses

Below are some or the popular courses available from us.

40 hours intense driving course

This automatic car course is for a pupil who just knows the basis and has little experience

30 hours intense driving course

This tailored course is for learners who have had around 10 hour of driving tuition and is comfortable with applying basic safe routines on the road.

20 hours intense driving course

For learn who have had around 20 to 25 hours of driving tuition and are at the midway point in learning to drive

10 hours intense driving course

For pupils who have either not passed the driving test recently or who are close to driving test standard.

Starting your automatic intensive driving lessons

To get started you’ll need your provisional driving licence and if you’ve passed the theory test, your pass certificate number so we are able to book your practical test if you’re ready. Please note, sometimes there are considerable driving test waiting times, so we advise to book well in advance.

All courses require an initial deposit for £120 plus the current driving test fee of £62 if you would like us to book your test.

Course bookings & enquires

Find out more regarding take a Leeds automatic intensive driving courses, or to request more information regarding how we can help you to drive quick, contact us today.