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practical driving test

Taking the practical driving test in an automatic car is much the same as a manual car test. The driving test in Leeds lasts for around 45 minutes and you will be tested on how well you can demonstrate a good level of driving whilst applying the highway code.

Our automatic driving instructors can prepare you to pass well by covering all the essentials and providing mock tests.

The test has 3 main sections which are :

You are allowed up to 15 minor faults, however you must avoid any serious or dangerous faults to pass.

test preparation

Most people who pass the driving test have had professional lessons and taken the test when they are ready. Here, our instructors will only take pupils to test when they can successfully pass a mock test. This saves learners time and money.

With expert automatic car tuition and advice from experienced instructors, we have helped lots of pupils to success on driving test day.

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